Tiana Blanchard is a freelance Costume Designer and Seamstress based out of North Idaho. Her experience includes both film and theatre and her specialty is in re-creating historical looks.

Her portfolio contains works of reproductions from as early as the 1770's all the way through the 20th century, but she has worked in just about every genre from Contemporary to Sci-Fi.

She has a deep passion for storytelling and doing that through clothing. She uses color, texture, and design to create an immersive experience that helps build character and support the story. She loves to collaborate with directors, actors, and others in the art department to bring a vision to life.

Tiana is passionate about history and representing it correctly, and her work shows her attention to detail. From fabric choice to design, every detail is important. She does her best to represent history as faithfully as possible.

When she isn't working on costumes, Tiana enjoys drawing, spending time outdoors, dancing, and photography. She loves to explore new places, rainy days at home, and big cups of coffee.