Tiana Blanchard is a Costume Designer based in North Idaho. Her experience includes historical reproductions to original designs in both film. Her experience is mostly in film, however she loves theatre and has worked in various costume rolls for several theatrical productions.

Her portfolio contains works of reproductions from as early as the 1770's all the way through the 1960's as well. She's passionate about history and representing it correctly, and her work shows her attention to detail. From fabric choice to design, every detail is important.

Tiana specializes in historical reproductions, which she does her best to reproduce as faithfully as possible. Representing history correctly is always an important factor to her when designing a period piece. She also enjoys working on Sci-Fi and contemporary projects as well for the creative challenges they bring.

When she isn't working on costumes, Tiana enjoys drawing, reading, writing, and photography. She loves to explore new places, rainy days at home, and big cups of coffee.