A Match Made at Christmas (2021)

Abundant House Films

Directed by Annie Poling-Swet

Costume Design by Tiana Blanchard


Broken - a Short Film
Costume Design by Tiana Blanchard
Behind the Scenes photography courtesy of Lilly Allman
This gown was inspired by the regal dresses of the Recency era/early 19th century. The gown is made from a black-shot-green silk and cotton voile and features hand-sewn bead work.

Gown by Tiana Blanchard
Photography by Morgan Elise Photography
Model - Lizzy Poling


Endgame - LCC 2018

Costumes by Tiana Blanchard and Lizzy Poling

Costumes for Alina Blanchard and Micah Swet were created by Tiana Blanchard. "Pawn" and "Bishop" were designed  and created by Tiana Blanchard.  "Queen" and the rest of the cast were designed and made by Co-Costume Designer, Lizzy Poling.

Descent - A Sci Fi Short Film 2018

Abundant House Films

A historical reproduction inspired by the fashions of the early 1870's. Everything including skirt, blouse, sash, wig, and undergarments (bustle, 2 petticoats, chemise, corset) were made by Tiana Blanchard.

1840's Reproduction dress created by Tiana Blanchard in 2016. This ensemble is completed with period correct undergarments including corset, chemise, drawers, and 3 petticoats. All together, there is over 15 yards of fabric used in this ensemble.

The bonnet and chemisette were also hand made.


This corset is a reproduction of the styles of corsets worn in the 1880's. It is made from a sturdy canvas for the base, a pretty pink Satin for the top fabric, and is lined with a cotton broadcloth. It's finished with hand embroidered flossing.